Oct 092015

We’ve waited long and suffered

With inferiority in our technology.

Our hearts have been drawn in pain

For the slow processing speed

And the stalls and the never-ending

Updates that increased sluggishnes

(downdates, we should call them).

But yesterday, day of all days!

You came with the FedEx man

In a small, inauspicious box,

Wrapped carefully in foam.

You are sleek, silvery, touch screen

Goodness with an easy-to-use

Keyboard and speakers that work.

When I click on an icon, it opens!

And now that you are mine,

The world will no longer suffer

And miss my mighty missives.

Now I can type and publish and

Still have time to eat and sleep!

Oh, computer, what is a name

Worthy of such salvation?

Jul 072014
Moses, borne of water,
Sanctified by the fire of a burning bush–
The voice of God.
“But, Lord, I am slow of speech…
But, Lord…”
I am not a large enough vessel
For Your will.
“I AM THAT I AM and I made thee.”
“How can I?…
I don’t know that I can…”
My vision is clouded,
My sight is short.
I am as blind as the rod
I hold in my hand.
“Moses, you are slow of speech,
Use another as your voice.”
This wonderful, fallible prophet,
Holding the power of God,
Able to bring hale,
Boils, frogs, locusts,
Death with a word.
Yet cowering before God
Because he is, after all,
Only Moses.
Slow of speech and slow of tongue.
Find another to put a voice
To the will of God,
A brother,
Separated from me by
A baptism of water
And a bush aflame.
Aaron, mouthpiece.
By doubting myself,
I doubt God.
Slow of speech and slow of tongue,
Shying away from the rod-turned-snake,
Yet, if thou commandest,
I will grasp that rod,
Thy power made tangible,
To do thy wonders.